ProcureCon IT 2020

17 - 18 November, 2020

+44 (0)207 368 9451

Check out the Different Interactive Sessions we had going on last year at ProcureCon IT

Fully engage with the most contentious and divisive issues currently facing your industry. Sit back and witness industry leading figures pitting themselves against each other in a battle to deliver the knockout argument.

Then, continue the debate in your own small roundtable groups until you reach a majority viewpoint. Will you reconsider your position? And will you walk away with a fresh mindset and better prepared to take on this key conundrum?

Oxford Style Debate Topic: IT Procurement Directors Should Source New Talent From IT, Not Procurement

For: Kristof Van Passel, Group Head of Indirect Procurement, Thomas Cook

Against: Frans Barends, Chief Procurement Officer, Georgia Institute of Technology

These informal subject-specific roundtables give you a unique opportunity to drill down into the details of an issue that is really important to you by probing the knowledge and expertise of industry market leaders.

Got a continuing conundrum you just can’t get your head around? Here’s your chance to get to the bottom of it. Join forces with your fellow peers and pick the brains of market leaders on sector and topic specific issues to explore practical solutions, test ideas and collaboratively crack the code! An exceptional way to really get a handle on your key challenges.

Retail Sector Roundtable: Challenges and Opportunities
The Escape Hatch: Mastering Smooth Exit Strategies With Suppliers
Are Value Added Resellers (VARs) Necessary for a Successful IT Procurement Programme?
Making The Transition To An Agile Way Of Working – How, In Conjunction With IT, does IT procurement needs to adapt its selection and contracting?

In this innovative and interactive format, spend 20 minutes listening to a best-practice case study before the speaker challenges you as an audience to find a solution to one of his key unsolved challenges.

You’ll then engage in a small interactive roundtable discussion before each group presents its conclusions to the audience. Take away different approaches to the same challenge from your fellow industry peers!

Internal Stakeholder Engagement In Practice – What Strategies And Processes Deliver Real Results In The Age of Digital Transformation?
On the Move - Maximizing Mobility Services and Bringing Your Own Device in 2017
Invisible Security – What Is It And How Can You Apply It To Your Organisation?

As both external and internal environments keep evolving, leaders need to provide a consistent yet flexible, innovative and responsive approach to how they steer their business and people through new times.

In these inspiring sessions – restricted to 10 people on a first-come, first-served basis – refresh your leadership skills through quality, intimate time with a true industry titan. Register for the event early to guarantee your place!

Leadership Boardroom: Creating A Software Negotiation Toolkit And Collaborating To Develop Industry Standards

An invaluable opportunity for you to turn theory into practice by applying your knowledge in an experienced classroom environment.

Each workshop is facilitated by a leading practitioner and is open to 25 active participants who form part of a high level brainstorm where competing ideas are put forward and the best solutions agreed upon. Contribute to a new forward-looking project and create a step-by-step action plan on how to make it work.

Attend these classrooms to have a look through the keyhole into Microsoft and IBM’s software packaging, licensing, pricing and contracting business practices to effectively leverage their solutions and maximise value from your investments. There are also classrooms for SAP and Oracle.

Drill-Down Classroom – Increasing value from your Microsoft licensing contract
Drill-Down Classroom – Increasing value from your IBM licensing contract