ProcureCon IT 2018

04 - 05 December, 2018

Novotel Amsterdam City

44 020 7036 1309

The WBR Way

WBR: Experts at facilitating discussion that achieves your current business goals

The way we do business is constantly and quickly evolving. The one thing that will never change, however, is that we need people: on our teams, to learn from, to formulate strategies with, and to inspire us.

This is why WBR has re-created our event model to offer new and better formats that foster more executive-to-executive interaction.

Nothing beats networking with like-minded professionals working towards the same objectives as you. You tell us this time and again when we research our next event. Whether you are a skilled networker or not, our event formats ensure you will identify, meet, and talk to the right people to achieve peak performance in your role.

If you haven’t experienced this kind of conferencing, or have been disappointed in takeaways from other events you’ve attended, here’s how we will change your value experience:

  • Emphasis on small-group roundtable discussions - Niche solutions to niche problems with other highly motivated attendees
  • A social event on each day of the conference – Many “aha” moments occur and strong relationships are built in less formal networking experiences
  • Short 20-minute presentations - No more death-by-PowerPoint. Speakers eliminate fluff and focus on takeaways
  • Networking Apps, matchmaking, and other contact - making sessions to ensure you meet the people you need to

Our promise to you is that these formats are the best methods of getting answers to your current business objectives, no matter what they are.

Our conversations with your industry start six months prior to the event and continue onsite, even afterwards… It is this ongoing dialogue that differentiates WBR conferences from others, and helps us determine which of our effective formats to build into your event.

The networking opportunities alone are worth attending an event. Where else do you have the opportunity to sit in a room full of procurement professionals and listen to how they dealt with challenges and problems.....then meet them one-on-one to discuss further.

Randall C. Clark, Senior Strategic Buyer, Volvo Group Non-Automotive Purchasing

There’s a lot of time and work that goes in to using the tools we already have to plan the future of our organizations as well as to put out today’s “fires”, which always seem to trump everything else…But we need to remember that the world is a dynamic place and even though we can “Google it”, you often get what you pay for…all the answers are not at our disposal, we need to learn from each other.

Mike Inman, Partner, TableForce Negotiations

The event a great experience for me. It was an opportunity to meet many other retailers and discuss on a peer level the problems and solutions we are facing. Also, the presentations were thought provoking and made me consider new initiatives for 2013.

David Sasson, President & CEO,

Relationships and passion for our companies are critical to success in our business. [the event] provides the environment for these relationships to develop. You have the opportunity to have deeper and more meaningful discussions, which ultimately establishes trust and the potential to add real value at a business level and more importantly at a human level.

Sanj Singh, President & CEO, AdeTherapeutics Inc.